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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Senior dinner and Graduation

The end has arrived.  It still hasn't hit me how quickly the year has come and gone and when attending events like the senior dinner and graduation, I had very mixed emotions.  The year has been so rich in getting to know others.  I feel my life now intertwined with some that I know I may not see again and others that will continuously come to my heart and mind. The senior class is filled with those who have faced challenges and adversity and put so much into their education.  I loved seeing them with their families and the joy that was so clear on their faces. To see such success makes me feel as though I myself can take on any obstacle.  The senior class has inspired and encouraged me.  My prayers go with them.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the dinner and graduation.
Maguire and his Uncle at the senior
dinner.  This was such a special night
as they each senior brought a guest.  Many of the seniors gave speeches.  Their words were heartfelt and inspiring.  This was a night filled with many memories.

The Squares and the Hanlons. Everyone was beautifully dressed and there were pictures taken throughout the night.  

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