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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The blue pill or the red pill

I have finally completed the "take care of shots" on my to-do list.  I honestly didn't think it would be a complicated process or one that would leave me with multiple decisions to make.  I figured I would schedule an appointment with the travel clinic, go over what shots are recommended/needed, and take care of it all in one day.  Needless to say, I was completely mistaken.  There were the easy ones including tetanus  and Hep. A (2nd in the series) as well as the malaria pills.  Then came the decisions.  For typhoid, have the shot that lasts two years or the pills that last five.  This one was an easy one for me.  One less shot was all I needed to hear.  However; it took me three pharmacies before I was able to fill the prescription.  There was also the decision about the rabies shot.  This one was highly recommended and the doctor told me that it was a bit expensive.  Turns out that it is a three series shot and each one is $300 dollars.  I almost fell out of my chair!  I had to think on this one and also contacted a teacher that has been teaching at the school in Malawi.  She told me she passed on this one and that if I am bit, I can be treated in Malawi.  The final decision was in regards to the yellow fever vaccination.  This is an active agent and you can actually get yellow fever from the vaccine.  It can also cause fevers and migraines.  It is not required in Malawi, but there are surrounding places where proof of the vaccine is required.  I ended up getting this shot because I want to go on a safari in Zambia and it sounds like I may need it in order to go.  Other than my arm being a little sore and swollen, i've felt just fine.  I'm feeling like I have lots in my body now.  I know this whole process has been worth it and i'm taking my safety very seriously.  I'm just so thankful that I can check this off my list and that I have no more decisions to make on which shots to receive!

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