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Friday, April 20, 2012

Robben Island and Table Mountain

I returned from a week in Cape Town and I can't begin to describe what a wonderful trip it truly was.  I figured instead of writing a lot, I would write a post of each of the highlights with a brief description and some pictures.  The trip was the perfect combination of relaxation and sight seeing.  We were able to hit many of the "must see" spots and I now know why so many people recommended visiting Cape Town.  I would've missed out for sure if I hadn't have made it.

We arrived late Friday night, which ended up working out perfectly because we woke up to rain Saturday morning.  We took it easy Saturday and when the sky cleared a bit, we took a nice walk on the beach.  There is an absolutely beautiful view of the water from the place we were staying and I loved falling asleep to the wind blowing and the calming sound of the waves.  After a restful day on Saturday, we headed out to Robben Island the following day.  It wasn't clear skies, and it was surprisingly chilly, but it was incredible to see such a historical sight and hear the guides as we toured cells and the grounds.  We came back and did some shopping and drank lattes.

On Easter Sunday, we headed up to Table Mountain.  The weather was better than the previous day, but still a bit cloudy.  We were able to see around the patches of fog and the ride up to Table Mountain in the cable car was beautiful.  We walked around up top and saw incredible views.  It is absolutely gorgeous!

Here's the gorgeous view from the place we were staying. 
Robben Island Maximum Security Prison

Here is a mat at Robben Island that the prisoners slept on.  

Here's a picture of the prisoners working during
the day in the guarded courtyard.

Nelson Mandela's cell 

The view of Cape Town from the boat
on the way back from Robben Island.

The cable car we rode up on to the top of Table Mountain.
Once inside, the floor spins so that you can see a full view on your ride. 

The cable car close to the top of Table Mountain. 

The view from up top

The view as the clouds were burning off. 

I decided to get on the opposite side of the camera.
 Carson and I really enjoyed this day!   


  1. beautiful pictures! it makes me dizzy just looking at them!

  2. WOW! I would never have guessed it to be so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!