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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Crisis Nursery

I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit the crisis nursery on a consistent basis since arriving in Lilongwe.  This is through the Ministry of Hope and is a community-based orphan care.  There are about 30 toddlers and infants that are cared for during their crisis period while arrangements are made to place them with relatives or adoptive families.  The college here on campus has an outreach ministry on Thursdays.  There are different groups that go to local prisons and villages, among other forms of outreach.  I have started taking 4-5 college girls to the crisis nursery.  During our hour and a half with the little ones, we help feed the infants formula and the toddlers porridge.  We also sing songs with the women who run the nursery and pray with them before leaving.  This is all done in Chichewa, the local language.  Not only do I love getting to know these little ones, but I love seeing the women singing while the kids all sit on the floor, clapping and swaying to the music.  It doesn't matter that I do not know the words, just to hear them sing and to see them loving these beautiful children, has moved me to tears multiple times.  I look forward to my Thursdays with the college girls and the wonderful opportunity to serve alongside of them.  It puts things in perspective when you walk in and see those beautiful smiling faces!  I've included a few pictures so you can see just what I mean when I say beautiful!

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  1. oh so precious! i would love to be there to hold them for a few weeks or a few years!!!