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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reading Day

Friday was the much-anticipated annual reading day at the academy.  This is a day where reading is celebrated through dressing up as a book character as well as other various activities. My students showed up with smiling faces and clever costumes.  Parents came with cameras for the all school parade that started off the day.  There was an all school assembly where we had poetry reading by a local poet, a rather hilarious skit by staff, and awards given out for most original costume, best dressed, and best homemade costume per class.  After snack and recess, we had four parents who came to read to our class.  They each brought a book of their choice.  I think something I enjoy most about teaching is watching a classroom of students completely enthralled by a book.  Students and staff had so much fun and did not want to see the day come to an end.  Here are a few pictures from the day:  

Our class in costumes.  Can you find Pinocchio, Wendy from Peter Pan, Harry Potter, and Max from Where the Wild Things Are?

Mr. Owen and I dressed up at Waldo and Wenda from Where's Waldo?  Owen is a reception teacher at the academy.  It was so much fun to have a partner in crime for reading day!
I awarded Regis with most original costume from my class.  Our very own Jesus made me smile all day long!  He told me toward the end of the day that he didn't have enough energy to listen to another story.  This confused me and I asked him why.  He said it was because he hadn't eaten his snack because his hair was in the way!  

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