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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I can hardly believe that this is my last week in the U.S.  I have spent so much time knowing this is coming, but it is finally starting to sink in as I go through so many "lasts."  I realized it on Sunday at church as it hit me that I will be in Malawi next Sunday.  I'm realizing it as I continue with good-byes and when purchasing items that I hope will last me for a year or close to that. I am however; overwhelmed in the best way possible by the amount of support and love that I feel.  I feel surrounded by family and friends who believe in me and who have said they will be here no matter what I need, be that a word of encouragement, prayers, or financial support.  Your love and support is providing me with peace and the courage that I need when I feel as though I do not have it on my own.  I know I will start to feel less overwhelmed once I arrive on Saturday (I will post as soon as I have internet access so you know I've arrived safely!)

As for a financial update, I would love to give you one, but I'm not quite sure with where I stand. I am not given clear information about how much or when people are giving.  However; I do know that between the one time donations and the online donations that have been received, my first three months of expenses have been met!  I am incredibly thankful for the overwhelming support I have received.  I couldn't do this on my own and I feel so thankful for your love and encouragement.  I am seeing the Lord's provision and it absolutely amazes me.  When I know more, I will let you know!

As for now, it's back to packing and last minute details.  Part of this journey is learning to trust.  It is difficult to have to put this into action, but I know that it is through this that I will grow.

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