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Friday, July 29, 2011

Take Off

I am currently sitting in the Washington D.C. airport at the Ethiopian Airlines gate.  I have another 2 hours before boarding my 14 hour flight to Ethiopia followed by a 2 hour lay-over and then a 6 hour flight to Lilongwe, Malawi.  I am a bundle of emotions and I know that even if attempted, I wouldn't be able to put into words.  Mainly though, I'm extremely hopeful and excited.  I feel so thankful for this opportunity and I want to remain in a posture of thanks and of appreciation for this experience.  I know I will grow tremendously through this and it will change me significantly.

For now, I am just breathing and trying to remain calm during my day of travel.  There is so much that is out of my control and I'm realizing that worrying doesn't get me anywhere.  I will work to enjoy a good book, music, sleep, and prime time people watching!

I will blog as soon as I am settled and have internet.  I am scheduled to arrive at 2 PM Malawi time on Saturday.  Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.  Africa, here I come!

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