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Sunday, May 20, 2012

My dear friend, Sarah just celebrated her birthday.  Her very thoughtful husband decided that as a gift, she should get a weekend away to relax.  Instead of going as a family with the two girls, he decided that Sarah and I should go for some R & R.  We packed up and drove Saturday morning to the lake.  We came back Sunday around 4, sun-kissed and rested.  We stayed at the Safari Beach Lodge.  It was rustic and peaceful.  We did lots of sitting in the sun by the lake, reading and talking.  The place was absolutely beautiful, as you can see for yourself.  I am so thankful for Sarah's friendship and I greatly enjoyed our weekend away!  

Here's our room and our bathroom is the hut off to the side.
Here's the queen bed in our room.

The other bed and a picture of the sliding doors. 
The view from our porch. 

The pool at the lodge.  

Fishing on the lake.  
There were kids swimming and playing nearby. 

The view of the sunset from our room.  

Absolutely stunning!

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