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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Houses on the hillside.  I passed these about 3 hours outside of Lilongwe on my way to Zomba.
Vegetables are typically sold in this fashion on the side of the road
or in the market.  

I was surprised to see this many baskets in one truck!   

Women getting water at a well.  

Trucks such as these often carry people and food.  

This is a normal sight as many things are carried on one's head.  

As the public transport near a market waits to leave, many street vendors will
approach passengers and sell goods through the windows.  

This is at a market.  The clothes are hung or displayed on the ground.
The colors and patterns are beautiful.  

This is a market.  There is food being made and sold as well as clothes and produce.  

Bikes carry so much more than just people!
Women, men and children all carry heavy loads on their heads.  This never ceases to amaze me!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I loved reading through your blog over the last couple of days. My husband and I are hoping to teach at ABC next year, so it was great to get lots of information through your blog. I have one question for you too. . . I saw that you got a package from the states, I was wondering if you were able to ship a lot of stuff there without having to pay when you got it? We are in Saudi Arabia right now and thinking of shipping some stuff over now because we are leaving here soon and otherwise we would have to ship it home and then to Africa. Do you think it would work? When I was a teacher in Kenya we had to pay import fees on all our boxes, so I was just wondering with Malawi, if you knew. Any info would be great! My email is Thanks and I hope you have a great last month of school!!!