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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Return trip scheduled

I still cannot believe that it is May.  My time here has gone by so quickly and yet when I think about all that I've learned and experienced, it feels like a lifetime. I just recently purchased my plane ticket to fly back to Virginia.  It was difficult to make the decision to stay here a second year or return home.  However; after much prayer and thought, I feel very at peace and excited about heading back to the Seattle area.  I have soaked in my time here and the many experiences I've had.  This year has been so much about personal growth for me as my eyes have been opened to another culture and to a people who have truly welcomed me in and become a part of me.

I will leave Malawi on June 26th and fly to Virginia.  I will spend about three weeks there visiting with family and friends.  After that I will head back to Washington.  I feel so blessed to not only be able to return to the same district I have taught in, but also to the same school.  I am looking forward to catching up with staff and students.  It is such a wonderful community at home and I have missed them greatly this year.

Although I have a plane ticket and plans, I still have two months here that I do not want to take for granted.  Every day is a blessing and I am incredibly grateful.  I know I will go through a mix of emotions as my time here comes to an end.  I am getting used to the fact that my heart will always be missing a place and the people that I love in that place.  The missing is worth it because my life is so richly blessed.  For now I am missing those at home that I love dearly.  In a few short months, I will be missing those here in Malawi that I have come to love.  I am really working to stay present and appreciate those I am with at this moment as I know this will be an ongoing pattern in my life.


  1. I love reading your posts because they are from your heart. For so many who can't GO to Africa, you are their eyes and your posts allow them to feel the culture and the hearts of the Malawians. Your foresight is correct.... I'm comfortably back in my home in the USA missing Malawi and all those I love! Travel is a blessing -- living in other countries multiplies that blessing. Godspeed Christi!
    Gidgi (Pam)

  2. Gidgi, thank you so much for your words. You have affirmed my intentions of blogging as my hope is to share my experiences with others who are not here.

  3. Christy, I love reading your blog as well! I don't always comment, but do read it and am always inspired by what you share. I am so excited that you are coming home and that you will be back at IVE next year! We are so blessed that you will be returning to us. It will definately be with mixed emotions as you leave your African home and friends. I still have very close connections from my year spend in Australia and consider Australia my home too. Just allow yourself to feel both the excitement, joy and sadness as it is all good. Love and miss you my friend!