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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Duplex

 I’ve been meaning to post pictures of the place in which I am living.  I am still in shock over how nice it is and of the beautiful sunset I see out my window everyday (I’ll try and get a better picture of this to post!) I am enjoying hot showers, cooking with my wonderful roommate, and lesson planning at my dining room table.  There's even a garden in our backyard and I went out yesterday to pick lettuce for our salad.  It's currently winter so it becomes cool in the evenings and it's absolutely glorious!  Today's temperature was 72 degrees F.  I am soaking in the sun, but must admit, I actually am missing the rain!  I've been told there are incredible thunder storms here in November and I can hardly wait for those.  Call me crazy, but Seattle must have worn off on me!

I am busy setting up my classroom and getting things accomplished.  I'm hoping to go tomorrow and apply for a drivers license. The thought of driving is a scary one for me, but I'm hoping that after riding as a passenger for a while longer that I'll be ready to try it on my own.  I'll let you know how the process goes!


  1. YAY! Looks great Christy! Funny how its 'winter' with a high of 72 and the high today in August in Seattle was 72...hmmm ;)

  2. Christy, great pictures, fun to see where you are living! You'll need to post pics of your classroom too. Your experience with the post office made me smile, those are the kinds of memories that you will probably cherish most! They certainly are the memories I treasure most from my year away in Australia. It is the joy of differences and discovering how other parts of the world live/operate etc. Enjoy each moment and it is so great you are blogging so you'll be able to remember it all. I have several journals and letters from my year away. Much love and hugs sent your way!