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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here's my class!

So I'm pretty sure some of my students were afraid they would blink.  That is why two of them are holding their eyes open!  This is my class minus two that were absent today.  I am truly enjoying getting to know them and I am starting to see the things about each of them that are so endearing and that make them unique.  The little one that is all the way at the back corner of the carpet, kept staring at me today.  She then came up and told me that my eyes look like cat eyes.  I'm taking it that she said that because they are green.  She also gave me a hug at the end of the day and then came back a few minutes after school dismissed for another one because she has quite a commute and said she wanted another one before  heading home.  Today we did a writing assignment where we drew a sketch and wrote about something that makes us happy.  When I went over to Esther, the little one on the red square in the picture and asked her what makes her happy, she smiled up at me and said, "you!"  She then wrote about how I make her happy because I teach her a lot of new things and that she's "prawd" of me.  I've had so many moments like these in the past few days that have filled me with joy.  I can tell that being around these little ones and learning alongside them and from them will be invaluable. One last little comical story and one of those, "Oh yeah, I'm in Africa" moments happened today when we had computers.  We have computers one day a week, which amazes me because I wouldn't have thought they would be available. There's definitely a mix and match of computers, but they are computers none the less. As we were figuring out how to turn on our monitors and how to find the paint program, the power went out.  We finished computers by talking about how to use them, but not actually practicing!  

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