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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time Differences

I chose this title for multiple reasons.  The most obvious being that I am working to get my body on Central Africa time, which happens to be six hours ahead of Eastern time. I have been told to give it about a week. I know I'm doing much better, but it is still difficult to go to bed even though I know I'm extremely tired.  I'm guessing once school starts and I'm waking up super early and working all day that it won't be a problem at all to go to bed!

Another reason for the title is that I'm realizing the majority of things take longer here than in the states.  A prime example would be my trip to the post office.  I went to pick up two packages that I sent myself a month ago from Washington containing classroom supplies.  First I was told by another teacher that they may not be there because sometimes it takes mail months to arrive. However; we figured we would check. We arrived around 12:30 yesterday afternoon and were told by the man at the counter that they were on lunch and to come back at 1.  We left and came back, however I was told that when they say 1, it could be 1:30 or even later before they return.  Luckily for us, the same man was at the counter and when we told him it was 1:10, he said ok and took my papers to look for my packages. Through the window I could see packages stacked in the back and I have no idea how things were organized.  We waited for about 45 minutes before he came back and started flipping through a notebook that had pages upon pages of numbers written in it.  Because there's no computer system, everything's done by hand.  Apparently one of my two boxes had been found, but not the second.  Someone else then went back to look and I waited some more.  Thirty minutes later I was told it wasn't there.  I was able to take the box that was there after it had been opened, inspected, had paperwork filled out on it and finally, after I signed for it.  We left the post-office at 2:25.  I was so happy though to have the supplies that I had sent over and I now know to just plan time when I need to go do something.  The best part about it all was that today I found out that my other package is already here and was actually at the school campus waiting for me. I think I will have to repeat the phrase, "Good things come to those who wait" a few times in the next year!

I will try to post pictures very soon.  I've been busy meeting staff members, getting adjusted, and starting to set up my classroom.  Thanks for checking back, I have so much to share and I'll do my best to keep posting!

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