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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday reflections

After a wonderful first week of school, I was ready for a weekend of taking it easy and enjoying time with friends.  Today was such a wonderful day that started off with church.  The sermon spoke to my heart as the pastor spoke on the times in our life when we are pushed out into the unknown.  It is in these times that there are valuable lessons to be learned and a purpose that awaits us. He said when we do this it is scary, for we have no idea what waits around the corner.  It felt like affirmation to hear his words and I left greatly encouraged.  I felt tears rush down my face as we sang one last song after the message. They were not tears of sadness, but rather tears of overwhelming gratitude and thanks.  Thankfulness for this opportunity to be amongst such beautiful people, for the 19 students I have the privilege to teach, for the changes I feel already taking place in the way I think and approach people and situations, and thankfulness for the amazing friends and family I have who are supporting me.  I honestly am so overwhelmed with the love I feel from those of you at home who have done so much whether it be a kind message on facebook or via email, a donation to support me financially, or a prayer that I know does not go unanswered. I truly feel undeserving of the love lavished upon me, but I welcome it with open arms.   

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