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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toothless smiles

I begin this blog with a smile on my face and exhaustion setting in.  I won't be able to write much, but wanted to give a quick update on the first few days of school.  I will do my best to post some pictures shortly as words cannot describe how adorable my class is!  I have so loved seeing my students walk in with smiles on their faces and their school uniforms on.  There has been so much excitement and eager anticipation and I cannot help but get caught up in it myself!  We did a math lesson today and I heard comments at the end of "This is easy!  I thought it would be hard!" When we talked about what it means to be respectful, one student said, "being polite and positive."  I think I am most appreciating the smiles, hugs, and joy that these students have.  I know we are all a bit tired as the holiday has now ended and we're back to learning, but we will soon be in a routine and I am confident we will enjoy learning alongside one another.

I'll leave you for now with two cute stories.  One is of a girl in my class who has three front teeth missing and said she just lost another one last night!  She definitely has a toothless smile and it's too cute for words! The other is of a little boy I was reading with yesterday.  It was a picture book of a dad and his son fishing. There was an illustration of the two of them in a boat with all of their fishing gear and their rods in the water.  They had on matching fishing hats.  I asked this student if he knew why they were wearing hats.  He said of course he knew.  It was because when you go fishing, the fish like to jump out of the water and land on your head.  Apparently the hat protects your head from getting hit by a fish!  And all along I thought it was protection from the sun...silly me!

Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement.  It means so much to me that you are reading this right now and that you are a part of this adventure with me.  I am excited to share more with you as this year progresses!


  1. Of course hats are for protecting your head from fish! Duh Herbs! :)

  2. ok, this is my third try, don't know why I am having these problems trying to comment. Love your post, so sweet and so great you get hugs and smiles your first couple of days! Education is probably a little more valued than some do here. Love the hat/fishing story, my dad would have LOVED that comment and laughed and laughed. You are amazing, sweet, kind, caring and very much missed. Love you and thanks for sharing, can't wait to see photos!